Out now: “RDs 131” – on 13.08.09, one year after the DVD shooting at Locco Barocco, the RDs release their new discs, CD and DVD as double release. It took nearly 1 ½ year after the first recording sessions at Twilight Sound Studio because we intended to add a proper booklet with the entire lyrics, English translations, credits etc. and to present it in an attractive layout.

We rehearsed all songs of the new CD live before and checked possible mistakes with regard to the time, length etc. We listened carefully to the rough takes to get an idea of the additional instruments which means of piano, violin, saxophone, accordion, backing and harmony vocals.

We also intended to produce it – as well as when we perform live – groovy without any percussion based on John Lennon who said: “We don’t need no drums – we got guitars” – and we got Georg, what can I say.

The bonus material runs approx. 30 minutes and contains two different interviews, a making-of at the studio and our live performance with Mozart (“Umbra Et Imago”) at the Locco Barocco on “House Of The Rising Sun” which was a great honour and fun.


On 30.05. the RDs play at O'Sullivans Irish Pub – the 1st Set as acoustic trio and the 2nd Set with Lisa N. - and present some old songs in new arrangement and also a couple of new songs. The landlord (a Scotsman!) is very pleased after the show, even gives fee – although not arranged – and invites the band for a further gig in October.

The new album is finished with regard to the sound, it’s now in the layout stage for the cover design. We are sure that we could enhance the quality compared to the last album „Pukka Blokes“.

The release is called „RDs 131“ and is named for the address of our tenement (built in 1901) where all songs of the new album were created – from my kitchen table while composing to all rehearsals for the studio in the private rooms of the dignified building.

The release includes 2 discs:

  • Audio CD: 8 songs, running time approx. 47 min.
  • Live DVD at Locco Barocco: running time approx. 80 min.
  • Bonus material: running time approx. 30 min.
  • Live performance with “Mozart” of „Umbra Et Imago“ on „House Of The Rising Sun“.
  • 12-sided, fully coloured booklet with lyrics, English translations, credits etc.
  • DVD packaging.

Altogether, we provide you with approx. 180 min. of „Best Musical Entertainment“ as far as sound and picture are concerned.


On March, 14th the RDs support Albert Lee und Hogan's Heroes at one of the best and most well-known venues in Germany, the Blues Garage in Isernhagen near to Hannover (nominated for the LEA Live Entertainment Award 2009). The Drunks can convince Albert's audience and present a 45-minutes set with emphasis on the promotion of the new album. Horst, Thomas, Georg and Angelo spend a good time with the Hogan's at that special club – with an admittedly demanding, but enthusiastic audience at the same time. Henry, boss of the Blues Garage, invited us as support for the next couple of years – the RDs are very happy about this acceptance – thanks for the kind reception and for the booking at the Plaza Hotel.

Anyway, Albert Lee and Elio Pace (pianist and singer) expressly commend Thomas' solo guitar play – what a praise – a knightly accolade! Horst and Elio exchange their current recording medium – as far as the Drunks are concerned, it is still the „Pukka Blokes“ album – Elio produced Albert's current album (which sounds very modern) as well as he presented his own new solo album. After the show in Isernhagen, Elio comments on our „PB“ album very positively – in view of the musical class of this man, we are very proud of his assessment. At this point, we want to particularly recommend Elio's album „A Seat At My Table“ - phantastic piano work, wonderful horn sections, first-class vocals and backings – light big band style and airy rock'n'roll in elaborated arrangements with a stirring timing!

The RDs will record the last overdubs for the final production at the end of April at the Twilight Sound Studio – date of release will probably be June, 1st.

As producers, Lutz and Horst accord that the DVD/CD release should be finished asap. Meanwhile, the bonus material has to be viewed and cut by Siggi Bracht (Schwerkraftfilm). At the same time, the packaging will be provided by Mediaburn because they also produced the teaser which was pretty good work.

Although the emphasis is on the next release of the new CD, the band wants a DVD packaging for both, CD and DVD – due to that format, there will also be a new cover design. Finally, there will be available: a DVD booklet plus bonus material instead of an expensive digipac.

With the new CD, the band presents the 5th complete album plus the 1st live DVD: 1. Two Of A Kind (1998)
2. Modern Rome (2001) 3. Dark Actors Playing Games (2003) 4. Pukka Blokes (2006).

Together with the released EPs – Frühschoppen (1991), Unplugged (1992), Drunklands (1996), Single “Drunk At Christmas” (1998) – the new production has been the current number 9 in 18 years by now.


The RDs start into the new year with a gig at the Crazy Kong (internet: Musikult e.V.) which have massive problems with their neighbourhood, an owner of a brothel. Despite the difficult situation, the Drunks have a beautiful and harmonious evening at the Kong with jam session until the early morning.

27.01., Twilight Sound Studio, Karlsruhe: The quartan recordings for the audio part of the new album begin. Although the positive and creative atmosphere of the „Pukka Blokes“ recordings could hardly be surpassed, the band has a great moment at the Twilight. Better prepard than ever, the Drunks stick precisely to their schedule and can concentrate on the elaboration of the songs and on the nearly perfect play of the musicians.

The guest musicians:

Lisa Nicola – Piano, Backing/Harmony Vocals

Jurek Gill – Violin, Tenor Saxophone

Christoph Fürniß – Accordion

Nicole Stober – Backing/Harmony Vocals

At this point, thanks for your perfect preparation, the punctual and flexible appearance at rehearsals and at the studio and thanks for the phantastic contributions to the new songs.

After so many projects with Lutz Demmler (since „Modern Rome“ – 2001), the excellent cooperation and all the conveniences at his studio are almost taken for granted. Besides his outstanding handcraft as sound engineer and producer, he also has a nose for the right take, the right work climate and the right sound of the entire production. Many reviews of „Pukka Blokes“ particularly mentioned the sound quality of the album – and justifiably so. For us, Lutz has meanwhile become the „George Martin of the Rolling Drunks“.

For those who are interested, here some protocol details of the sessions:

Tuesday, 27.01.:
Horst, Georg and Thomas record the basic tracks live (guitars, bass) for „In All Den Jahren“ and „Alter, Was Geht Noch“ (with piano directly recorded in the 1st take). Siggi Bracht (Schwerkraftfilm) records the bonus material „Studio“ for the DVD part of the album. The „Blues in E“ (temporary title) is recorded new and live with piano.

Wednesday, 28.01.:
Thomas records the parts for solo guitar and strikes his band partners with awe – great job! Horst records the lead vocals for the new basic tracks.

Thursday, 29.01.:
Bass overdubs, lead guitar, another lead vocals by Horst, backing/harmony vocals by Lisa.

Friday, 30.01.:
Chris records the accordion part for „Over Your Skin“, Jurek the violin for „Christine“ and saxophone for „Die Einsamkeit Der Wölfe“, Horst sings the missing lead vocals, Lisa further harmony vocals and Nicole backing vocals. Jurek had no rehearsal for his saxophone part, so it was more than surprising for Lutz and Horst to hear his first-class take: He will leave one of the best moments on a RDs album ever.

At the end of the recording sessions, the Drunks finished 7 songs, the album running time is about 42 minutes. Finally, Jurek is still elaborating a string arragement for „In All Den Jahren“, some backing vocals for „Fliegen“ will additionally be recorded and possibly used.

The final recordings are taking place at the end of April, then 2 days of production, mastering by Lutz. In the meantime, the DVD and the bonus material have been finished by “Schwerkraftfilm”. After the good experience with the teaser, “Mediaburn” will be charged with the final production of the entire album.

There is no final concept for the packaging (material, booklet etc.). But the most important thing is the new audio album, anyway, perfectly arranged in the „high-end sound“. The attached DVD is considered as bonus and live material.

The aim of the RDs was to sustain the quality of „Pukka Blokes“ at least and – if possible – to go ahead, even without Albert Lee as draught horse of the last production. One advantage in growing older is the steadily increasing fund of experience – without depreciating one of our CDs, we believe that we will deliver our best and most complete work with the new album so far.


02.08., Locco Barocco: An unforgettable evening in one of the most beautiful venues at which the RDs could ever play – after the opening night at the Locco Barocco, it was more or less clear that the RDs would record their first DVD at this place – featured by „Mozart“ and „Umbra Et Imago“, live mixed and recorded by Lutz Demmler, filmed by Siggi Bracht (Schwerkraftfilm) and celebrated by the Locco Barocco team.

Horst: „Of course, the show was crowded with guests of honour who were a perfect audience for the DVD production from the first second on, I was extremely nervous, you will see it on the DVD, I was so jittery that I'm wondering about my ability to play guitar. But nevertheless, it all worked: the concentration, the groove, our handcraft and interpretation of the songs.

To sum up, I want to thank Thomas and Georg for the concentrated und excellent work on the strings, thanks to Lutz, „Mozart“ and Siggi for their wonderful and discreet work on sound, light and film, thanks to all who were live with us at that evening!“

JULI 2008

Special events:

- The brunchtime gig at the Viktoriagarten is the summer party of the RDs at the same time with special guests like „Mozart“ and his entourage, the bassist of „Dog Track“ and our former drummer – thereto, the first official live gig of Horst with his son Erik – setlist: “Like Father And Son” (Bonus-Track from the “Pukka Blokes” album), “Get Back”, “TNT” – a phantastic atmosphere at the oldest pub in Karlsruhe, like at a classical lunchtime gig in UK.

- Crazy Kong Hoffest: The RDs open around 10:30 p.m. and play until 4 a.m. with a melodic set on the platform of the new Kong. Organisation, sound, catering – it was excellent as ever – many thanks to Hessla for the Mix and thanks to all Kongs who helped und supported us. The Drunks love the Kong – I will write another song about you!

JUNE 2008

The RDs play the opening night at the Locco Barocco (the former Kulturruine), a wonderful, atmospheric, historical vaulted cellar in Grötzingen, the oldest part of Karlsruhe. PA by Lutz Demmler, two songs performed together with „Mozart“, just rehearsed in the evening before, it was a real highlight of the current year and a big fun for all musicians involved – reason enough to gradually extend the cooperation in the same way. Therefore, the Drunks arrange a longterm engagemant as regular guests for cultural events – the Locco Barocco is about to establish as cafe of artists for creatives of all kinds and genres.

Similar to this, but totally different, anyway, is the concept of the Crazy Kong – the RDs confirm their participation at the first Hoffest of the new Kong on 25.07.08 at once.

The brunchtime gig at the Viktoriagarten on 13.07.08 (Sunday!) is the reason for the RDs to invite old friends and colleagues as well as friendly bands to their summer party at one of the oldest and most beautiful backyard beergardens. According to the English tradition of lunchtime gigs, the show is opened around 11 a.m. and lasts until evening, from coffee to beer, so to speak.


The live gigs of the RDs/Pukka Blokes in April are more private – a birthday celebration in Wörth and one in Baden-Baden due to the birthday of Andy Forstmann (he plays with “Truck Stop” from time to time). A special pleasure is the first common live performance after many years with Lisa Nicola on “All You Can Eat” – a beautiful foretaste on the forthcoming recordings for the new album.

Gothic metal legend “Mozart” (“Umbra Et Imago” together with co-producer Lutz Demmler) invites the Drunks for a show in his new club – Locco Barocco v.s. Kulturruine. Spirit e.V. upgrades its programme, and in all probability, the RDs/Pukka Blokes are exactly the band who can contribute their independent and noncommercial music to an entertaining and creative subculture for a wide-ranging and unadapted audience. Anyway, the RDs are very curious and looking forward to the show on 6th June in Grötzingen (near to Karlsruhe – check Tour Dates).

In May, Horst plays an acoustic gig with Neal for the second time in the current year – this time in Watlington near to Oxford together with the ethnic Italian songwriter Andy de Rosa and “Rip The Joint”, Neal's present blues band. Andy promotes his present acoustic album and gives a foretaste to his new CD produced by Neal. Paul (“Rip The Joint”) shows his outstanding quality as slide guitarist and provides an original delta blues feeling. Neal plays the drums in the amplified line-up for both acts and produces the respective records.

In the common part of the show, Neal and Horst refer to older material, of course (the arranged rehearsal was accordingly reduced in favour of an extensive pub crawl) and perform “The Long Road”, “Schweinsbrod’n” and “Nachts Im Park” and finished habitually sentimental with “Dublin Lady”. The old magic of the long lasting joint work is still noticeable, of course. Not only for that reason, Neal is going to write a song for the new album.


Horst, Thomas and Georg start the gig season 2008 under the motto “Heavy Rock Goes Cabaret” with shows at the Kaisergarten, Viktoriagarten and at the new Crazy Kong (all locations in Karlsruhe). Due to Neal's participation, we could also play old song material (“Dublin Lady” and “Go, Lassie, Go”). At the end of April, the RDs are playing at private events in Wörth and in Baden-Baden.

In February, the RDs record the first 5 tracks for their new album at Twilight Sound Studio. Unfortunately,
Albert Lee won't provide us with his genius because he cannot always put his work at the disposal of more or less unknown bands for free. We understand and accept that, of course, and we think it was a big stroke of luck to have one of the best guitar players on “Pukka Blokes” for ever.

Bad News: Albert broke his arm while touring in France – it must be terrible for him to be put out of action for
weeks – all the best from us to you, Albert, and many thanks for your work with the RDs!

The basic recordings at Twilight were pretty good: The guitar tracks and Georg's bass are finally recorded as well as Thomas' lead guitar on 3 tracks. Lisa Nicola will sing some backing vocal tracks in addition to her piano work. Jurek Gill will prepare a string arrangement for “Christine McQueen” and the saxophone part for two further tracks. Christoph Fürniß will do the accordion part on “Over Your Skin”. Additional backing vocals will be sung by Nicole Stober. Deadline for the recordings is October, the release will probably be in December.


There is a personnel change in January. Horst Jabs: “Conny Wind leaves the band because of discrepancies between him and Georg. If the chemistry in a band is dissonant, the entire group is endangered. Unfortunately, I was forced to take a decision and I decided me for Georg because he is one of my best friends and we were musical partners with the “Pukka Blokes” project.
Nevertheless, the powerful and sensitive drumming of Conny Wind changed the band’s musical expression. Cheers for that.”

The RDs played as “Pukka Blokes” trio at Kaisergarten in Karlsruhe for the very first time. It was a successful premiere. They only had four rehearsals to perform their 3-hours-programme. And this evening shows that the concept “heavy rock goes cabaret” works.

Our recording sessions for the next album will start on 21th February at Lutz Demmler’s Twilight Sound Studio in Karlsruhe. Albert Lee will probably play his tracks on 12th or 13th March. Of course, it depends on the tour plan of the Hogan’s Heroes. It’s really great that Albert promised us once again to be part of a RDs album.


The band’s renaming into “Horst Jabs’ RDs” due to the bad reputation of the old name. A lot of website hosts have got problems with the name (see “Reviews”). And on the other hand, it might be better for future landlords to engage the RDs.


The Drunks rock the most legendary Karlsruhe club SUBSTAGE on the 17th of Nov. with a few new songs never released before, such as the new opening track “Fly”, a drug song – beforehand only presented to a smaller audience during club gigs, “Die Einsamkeit Der Wölfe” (“The Loneliness Of The Wolves” – a new facet in the RDs back catalogue - deep “Deutschrock” with dark lyrics about prostitution and abuse of women) plus the new RDs anthem “Christine McQueen” (a heavy rock ballad about an old Scottish Lady from Islay – ennobled with a superb lead guitar solo) build the main core of the 07/08 RDs program. The concert was legally filmed and recorded and will be officially released in either December or January – maybe as promo material, definitely in the web (on YouTube/Google – check our website under “Multimedia”) or even – depending on sound and optical quality – as an official DVD release by Rolling Drunks Music (RDM).

Apart from that, the DVD will present some RDs classics, such as “Goodnight Berlin” and “Karthago Muss Fallen” – matured and cool - plus amplified versions of unplugged songs from the “Pukka Blokes” album with Albert Lee – “Crazy Kong” starting up in an almost AC/DC-like manner and “Lass Mich Los” as a pure Rhythm and Blues orientated purist as if it was done in the Berlin Hansa Studio beside the wall many years ago.

Despite tour offers to USA and Russia, the new song material lyrically tends to be rather German than English – although “Fly” and “Christine McQueen” is still English. Horst Jabs (songwriter of the RDs): “I still love to sing in English, it's a great language, definitely the language of Rock and Roll and a lot easier to be vocalised than German, anyway – but I'm a native German and I recognize that I can express myself far better in my original language – I can even write between the lines in a cynical way – and I'm afraid I ain't gonna manage it in English reasonably without embarrassing myself now and then”.


For the simple reason of being too loud, the Rolling Drunks show was stopped after 30 minutes by local police forces when they headlined the “Rhein Radar” Open Air in Karlsruhe.

The RDs/Pukka Blokes single outtake “The Long Road” with Albert Lee on lead guitar passed the border of 10.000 downloads from the website.

Albert Lee acknowledged his participation in the next RDs/Pukka Blokes album project which will be started in spring 2008 and invited the band for a few opening shows during the Hogan’s Heroes UK tour.

Rolling Drunks live at the “Catch The Bus” city festival at Rote Taube in October where they will be provided with PA system by KMT Sound for the first time.

And we’re looking forward to being special guest for the “Rough Lingo” CD release party at top venue Substage Karlsruhe in November.


The Rolling Drunks gratefully received a lot of emails from English-speaking people around the world who especially showed an interest in the German lyrics on the “Pukka Blokes” album. Maybe hooked by the liner notes in the booklet, lots of you folks wanted to know what the song “Crazy Kong” is all about. I'm really happy having received many mails from people all around the internet world concerning this song. To me it means that the song is good enough that you folks try to get the meaning behind it. I don't want to be cryptic or intellectual – I try to show you a rock'n'roll movie. Writing a song is good fun, making lyrics is painful (like making love and talking about it). While being on stage in a heavy rock outfit, nobody takes care of what you're really trying to say. “Pukka Blokes” gave us a chance to focus on the bone-dry essentials. Cheers to all of you for listening closely.

Horst in a German rock magazine: “The “Crazy Kong” as a music club did an essential contribution that Karlsruhe (city with around 300.000 residents in the southwest of Germany and in the north of the black forrest and only a few miles from the French border at the river Rhein) developed a real rock szene at all. The “Kong” gives a chance to any young band being good enough to play a reasonable show and an opportunity to show their skills on a professionally managed stage. In addition, the managers of the “Kong” invite the bands (as far as they're still alive) after one year to hear if they developed (easy – not as an audition – just to see how they worked on themselves). This concept is in our opinion far better than any political correct youth development concept initiated by city youth councils. Not least for this reason, the Rolling Drunks supported the “Crazy Kong” with their successful CD “Pukka Blokes” with the legendary guitarist Albert Lee.”

“Crazy Kong” lyrics:

1. They're hunting you throughout the city
You can't see them
But they're coming to get you
Can you hear them
They call you by name
Can you understand
What they want from you

2. They're hunting you
Like wolves the pack ("Wie der Wolf die Meute" – German title of the Eastwood movie “Tightrope” from 1980)
Make a web
And surround you
Alone as you a are
You're an easy quarry
Still they whisper
Soon they'll shout

Reminiscent how it was in the past
Lace and leather, long hair
Rock in the Crazy Kong, Rock in the Crazy Kong
Whenever the night was a temptation
Cold and tattooed
There is Rock in the Crazy Kong, Rock in the Crazy Kong

3. They'll get you
Define the norms
Conquer you
With no forgiveness
Lock you up
In the EURO-DIN conform
Summary court of justice
And hear you cry

Chorus: ....


This year, we’d like to play four supports for Albert Lee and Hogan’s Heroes: at Musiktheater REX in Lorsch (you might not know the name of the city, but it's a great venue), at Quasimodo in Berlin (a city you might know), at Landgasthof Ochsen in Sinzheim and at Blues Garage in Hannover. Wherever and whatever ... supporting Albert is an absolute privilege - such a good band and such great guys. It’s an honour and unbelievable fun. We can’t wait to see Albert again - not only because he’s such a fantastic musician like Gerry, Peter and Brian - it’s simply because we’re looking forward to seeing them again.


We started the 2007 tour in the most southerly German town - Oberstdorf: very picturesque, very romantic, a great view on the Alps, but of course no snow, unfortunately - on the other hand with a worrying factor: the world climate is obviously changing and all the news about the upcoming climate catastrophe is true.

Gig was great, good stage and lights and a reasonable sound, not least since we have a new man on the mixing desk, Enzo Morgana - half a German, half an Italian guy - totally skillful and absolutely cool when he’s encountering the usual catastrophes that normally happen before (and during) a life show. Around 500 people, half of them probably more interested in disco stuff, techno or whatever - not easy to convince, but finally most of them felt for us as usual - well, some remained hating us ... but this is good news when you play your own stuff as indie heavy rock band.

As usual, we were totally hammered during the after show party. Oberstdorf is very touristic and Georg (bass player) and Thomas (lead guitarist) unfortunately didn’t manage to find the hotel in the early morning. Thanks to an elder local woman, rang out around 5 in the morning, coming outside in her pink dressing gown - well, the two guys were at least informed where they were staying (“You are in Oberstdorf”) and they eventually survived the trip.

3 weeks later, we played a show at the Rote Taube (Red Dove) in Karlsruhe - a real home game, only a few meters from Horst’s (frontman) flat in the center of Karlsruhe (close to the black forrest area), another great show and totally crowded. Even RDs founder Neal Thomson from London flew in for the show. The band started acoustically with the material from “Pukka Blokes” and went into the heavy rock stuff after 30 minutes of the show. In total, the band played almost 3 hours - quite acceptable for a band far beyond their forties.


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