Acoustic album with old and news songs ennobled by one of the world’s best guitarist Albert Lee and covered  in a fine digipac

The Long Road / Lass Mich Los / Let Me Play The Lion Too / Goodnight Berlin / Crazy Kong / Motorcycle Man / Überleben Als Mann / All You Can Eat


The remastered version of our 1992 album ”UNPLUGGED” packaged in a sleeve design created by the great Liverpool artist Elaine Grace

Rock Your Wings / Lady / Richmond Bay / Dublin Lady / BAFVK



The very first 1991 release ”FRÜHSCHOPPEN” done freshly by the classical line-up with Neal, Horst, Thomas and Georg - recorded live in High Wycombe in January 2006

All I Wanna Do / Hell To Me / Look Back / Rolling Drunks / Motorcycle Man (Bonus Track)



Perhaps the most complete, but surely the most successful album of the RDs. Unique in style and sound, the band presents its most mature song material, orientated towards arrangement and tune in the familiar harshness. Kicks ass!!! It is packed in a perfect and exact layout production - and in a selected digipac (limited to 1000 copies) - as before with printed lyrics, of course!

Angry Ape / Middle Lane Cruiser / The Long Road / Goodnight Berlin / Feel Like Silence / Contemplation / U.S. of E. / Bad Substitute / Widdly Widdly / Karthago muss fallen


Hard and heavy Rock’n’Roll, raw and edgy, though melodic and varied with dark lyrics about decadence and decay in the modern European society of the 21st century - takes no prisoners

It’s A Deal / None Too Good / Alley Cat / So Burn /Smell Like A Man / Life’s A Bitch / Over Your Skin / Nachts Im Park / Modern Rome / An Old Friend For Dinner / Ich, Steppenwolf


TWO OF A KIND (1998)

A journey through different styles of music on acoustic instruments from folk to jazz containing the typical Rock’n’Roll feel of the RDs - presenting lyrics as varied as the music

Call Me By Name / Wild And Drunken Days / Schweinsbrodn / God Is With Those Who Pray / Faith Is Mine / Liebe Verwandschaft / Ride On / Sweet Temptation / Shoot Me In The Back / Motorcycle Man / Hell To Me / Through With My Heart / Islay



The hidden rock tracks from the 90s including the banned version of “Nachts im Park” and the remastered first British single release “Like It Or Leave It”

Modern Rome / Nachts Im Park / Hold On / Wild And Drunken Days / Like It Or Leave It


Early UK-studio recording of highlights from the RDs pub-gig repertoire containing the calypso version of “Rock Your Wings” and the all time classic “Dublin Lady” (Limited Edition)

Rock Your Wings / Lady / Richmond Bay / Dublin Lady / BAFVK


The very first (studio) outing - recorded over one weekend in England back in 1991, spontaneous, fresh and dirty with a charming imperfection (Collectors Item)

All I Wanna Do / Hell To Me / Look Back / Rolling Drunks


The ultimate festive single

Drunk At Christmas / C'mon Let's Go

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